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In the contemporary landscape, where production volumes are escalating and production timelines are shrinking, the imperative for robust quality assurance systems has never been more pronounced. The challenge lies in delivering large quantities without incurring costly rejections from discerning customers. This is precisely where inspection becomes indispensable. Vision Inspection emerges as a pivotal strategy to circumvent defects in production lines and ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality products.

At Pixelwise Technology, our team comprises seasoned experts with comprehensive training and profound knowledge of camera technology and its applications. We are dedicated to uncovering innovative and cost-effective solutions that not only enhance production but also eradicate defects with unwavering reliability. Our vision inspection solutions have found a global footprint, being successfully implemented in numerous countries, extending beyond our home base in India.

Our Vision Inspection Systems

Variable 1d & 2d Code Print & Verify

Variable 1D & 2D Code Print & Verify

The demand for Variable Data Printing has been increasing for quite some time now. As duplication increases, manufacturing companies are trying to find newer & more reliable ways to add security features to their products.

Product Offline Barcode Verification With Transport

Offline Barcode Verification With Transport

Barcodes are everywhere these days. Almost every product sold at the grocery store has a 1D or 2D Code printed on the packaging that it comes in.

Dual Camera Leaflet Inspection For Folding Machines

Dual Camera Leaflet Inspection For Folding Machines

Our dual camera leaflet inspection for folding machines are highly-efficient system with two smart cameras. The system is used for verifying the correctness of Pharma leaflets, inserts, or outserts. The cameras are installed on the leaflet folding machine…

Pharmacode inspection for cartons (Codemat)

Pharmacode Inspection For Cartons (Codemat)

Production of pharmaceutical, food packaging and FMCG cartons is a complex process involving multiple stages. Cartons for different applications may be produced in the same unit. Here, during the production process, proper care must be taken to segregate the cartons accordingly.

Label Numbering Inspection System Precision

Label Numbering Inspection System

At Precision Cutting System Pvt. Ltd., all our clients are industry leaders in aerospace, automotive, food, medical, beverage, and consumer products.

Registration Mark Check For Flexo Printing Machine Accuview Precision

Registration Mark Check For Flexo Printing Machine AccuView

The printing industry of the modern era has become significantly competitive. To deliver the best quality printing, it is imperative to leverage the technical capabilities of a top-end printing machine powered with state-of-the-art technology.

Presence Absence Inspection

Presence Absence Inspection

In production lines, manual inspections can never be trusted. Human errors are bound to occur, especially when the quantity and production rate go up. Making sure that important information such as logos, date/time stamps, etc.

1d And 2d Code Verification Precision

1D And 2D Code Verification

In today’s world, you will find barcodes everywhere. Every single product manufactured by a company has some form of a barcode.These barcodes are extremely useful and have several benefits.

Other Projects

Other Products

We, at Precision Cutting Systems Pvt. Ltd., are a pioneering organisation committed to ensuring rapid, innovative, and qualitative upgradation of high-end machinery used in the packaging and printing industry.

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