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  • Client: Jhone Smith
  • Location: New York
  • Date: January 10, 2019
Dual Camera Leaflet Inspection For Folding Machines

Our dual camera leaflet inspection for folding machines is a highly-efficient system with two smart cameras. The leaflet folding machine camera inspection system is used for verifying the correctness of Pharma leaflets, inserts, or outserts. The cameras are installed on the leaflet folding machine, where one camera verifies the upper surface while the other checks the lower surface of the pharma leaflet.

Our dual camera leaflet inspection system for folding machines helps manufacturers improve the overall output quality while ensuring that no major defects go unrecognised. This innovative technology empowers manufacturers to maintain rigorous quality standards by meticulously examining every detail of folded leaflets. Camera Inspection for Folded Leaflets is a breakthrough solution that revolutionises the way manufacturers ensure the quality of their products.

When you make use of the camera, they can easily read as well as identify:

  • 1D barcode with verification of the value
  • Pharmacode with verification of the value
  • Print or blank sheet presence
  • A specific sequence or pattern of characters-signifying online character recognition
  • 2D barcode or data matrix with verification of the value

The advanced cameras from our Camera Inspection System are mounted on the machine meticulously to ensure that the horizontal movement of the cameras is relatively simpler and the vertical movement of the sensors or cameras is quite minimal. The Folded Outsert Camera Inspection System is also available with an operator-friendly and simple-to-use Graphical User Interface.

Dual Camera Leaflet Inspection

Some of the salient features of our revolutionary dual camera inspection systems are:

  • Embedded technology with built-in cameras.
  • Provision for confirmation of statutory activities including removal of readymade sheets, quality check, clearance, and more.
  • Specially designed to fit the specific requirements of the document folding machine.
  • Connection with plant server with the help of Ethernet while providing a backup of reports on additional devices like a pen drive.
  • Capable of viewing an enlarged image of the document through the full-screen mode.
  • Provision of a detailed report of the job with all essential features along with the number of leaflets, good number of leaflets and bad number of leaflets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dual camera leaflet inspection for folding machines?

Dual camera leaflet inspection for folding machines involves the use of two cameras that inspect printed leaflets for defects, errors, or missing content during the folding process in industries like pharmaceuticals.The cameras capture images of both sides of the leaflet to ensure accurate and complete information.

How does dual camera leaflet inspection improve quality control in folding machines?

Dual camera leaflet inspection improves quality control by thoroughly examining leaflets for errors such as misprints, missing text, or incorrect folding. The system compares captured images to reference templates, detecting discrepancies and preventing defective products from reaching consumers.

What are the benefits of using dual cameras for leaflet inspection in folding machines?

Using dual cameras improves accuracy and efficiency by covering both sides of the leaflet simultaneously. It reduces production errors, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances customer satisfaction by delivering accurately folded and error-free leaflets.

Which folding machine models support dual camera leaflet inspection?

Dual camera leaflet inspection systems can be integrated with various folding machine models used in industries like pharmaceuticals, packaging, and printing. Compatibility depends on the specific system and machine configuration.

What are the key features to consider when choosing a dual camera leaflet inspection system for folding machines?

When choosing a dual camera leaflet inspection system, you need to consider features such as image resolution, image comparison algorithms, real-time monitoring, user-friendly interfaces, integration with existing machinery, and the system’s ability to handle different leaflet sizes and materials.

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