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Pharmacode Inspection For Cartons (codemat)

Production of pharmaceutical, food packaging and FMCG cartons is a complex process involving multiple stages. Cartons for different applications may be produced in the same unit. Here, during the production process, proper care must be taken to segregate the cartons accordingly. However, there might be errors that could lead to the mixing of cartons. Thus, to inspect the same, our revolutionary Pharmaceutical packaging camera inspection system can help most businesses to avoid this scenario, saving a lot of time and unnecessary hassle and delay.

Shared below is an in-depth video of a carton pasting machine equipped with the Baumer Camera. It will give you a brief idea of how a pasting machine works with the system.

An insight into Codemat

Shared below is a video of pharmacode inspection for carton pasting machines. It will provide you with a better understanding of the process of visual inspection in pharmaceutical processes conducted with the help of inspection machines.

Our Pharmacode Cartons Codemat is a revolutionary camera-based technology installed on the folder gluer machine and executes in-depth inspections to avoid mixing up pharma cartons.

Packaging problems solutions

Using our PC Application “Simply Pharma”, the user can generate a unique “pharmacode barcode” that is designated for each individual product or batch. The unique pharmacode is printed on the pasting flaps of all cartons.

As cartons go through the folder gluer machine, the pharmacode reader camera scans and verifies the pharmacode on every carton. If there is a difference in the code, the pharmacode inspection for carton pasting machines will generate an error signal, and the carton with the defective code will be rejected. This prevents mixups from reaching the customer.

Key Features of Our Pharmacode Cartons Codemat

  • Top-speed system to identify mixed-up cartons with advanced codemat mixup inspection for carton pasting machines
  • Password protection feature
  • An operator-friendly system with a simplified user interface
  • It can reject the carton with misregistration or missing colour
  • It can eject defective cartons if the machine is equipped with the functionality.
  • It can eject defective cartons without disrupting the machine’s speed
  • Designed with high-end embedded technology
  • Available with additional software Simply Pharma

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pharmacode inspection technology work for cartons?

Pharmacode inspection technology for cartons uses specialised cameras and software to scan pharmacodes (two-dimensional barcodes) on pharmaceutical cartons. The system then verifies the correctness of the pharmacode against a predefined database, ensuring accurate product identification and preventing errors in packaging and distribution.

What are the benefits of pharmacode inspection in pharmaceutical packaging?

Pharmacode inspection offers several benefits in pharmaceutical packaging including detecting packaging errors, preventing counterfeit products, and ensuring accurate medication distribution. It improves patient safety, regulatory compliance, and supply chain efficiency, reducing the risk of medication mix-ups and enhancing overall product integrity.

Which industries use pharmacode inspection for cartons?

Pharmacode inspection technology is primarily utilised in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It ensures the authenticity and traceability of pharmaceutical products, maintaining compliance with regulatory standards while preventing unauthorised distribution and safeguarding patient health.

How easy is it to set up and operate the CodeMat system?

The CodeMat system is easy to set up as it is designed to be user-friendly, offering a relatively straightforward setup process. Its operation involves configuring the system parameters and integrating it with existing packaging lines. Training and support are available to ensure smooth implementation, making it manageable even for users with moderate technical expertise.

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