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1d And 2d Code Verification

In today’s world, you will find barcodes everywhere. Every single product manufactured by a company has some form of a barcode. These barcodes are extremely useful and have several benefits. Ensuring that the barcode printed on the product is accurate is important. To this end, you need dedicated barcode scanners that can help you check that all products have verifiable barcodes. Moreover, these codes can help prevent batch mixing or product mixing, and this is where our camera inspection systems for printing and packaging come into the picture.

1d And 2d Code Verification Pcspl

Our Solution for 1D & 2D Code Verification

We have been working with various types of codes for over 20 years. Our camera systems are designed to read any type of barcode accurately and at very high speeds. Our system is capable of connecting to up to 4 cameras and can work at speeds of up to 40 reads per second!

Apart from this, our system can also track a faulty product and eject it online, making it a complete solution!

We also provide customised user interfaces with rugged, industrial panel computers. The user interface can display important analytics, along with live images captured by the cameras. Additionally, the system provides reports of all the jobs that are run on the machine!

Salient Features of Our Camera System

We provide bespoke solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs. Our customised user interfaces can include several features such as:

  • Report Generation
  • Data Analysis (Production of the machine, details of each job, time stamps, the time needed to run a job, machine downtime, machine run time, operator production, barcode values, camera rejection, etc.)
  • Audit Trail
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Machine Control

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