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Product Offline Barcode Verification With Transport

Barcodes are everywhere these days. Almost every product sold at the grocery store has a 1D or 2D Code printed on the packaging that it comes in. The importance of barcodes has been ever increasing & especially in today’s world, where there are so many products. This underscores the necessity of implementing 1D & 2d code inspection for cartons.

In the packaging industry, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of packaging products are manufactured daily. It is impossible to verify the readability of each barcode that is printed on the packaging products. When these packed products reach the customer, if any of the code is unreadable, this creates an issue. If the same issue occurs at the distribution house, the product can be rejected due to the unreadable barcode printing. 

To tackle this problem, we offer a completely offline solution, utilizing a “barcode inspection system”, which helps to inspect each and every code printed on the carton and rejects the ones that have unreadable codes, with the grading of each code.

What we offer

1. A transport system that includes a feeder for cartons, a main wide belt & a stacking plate for the delivery.

2. A Code Reading Sensor (Camera) which inspects the codes printed on all cartons & also checks the grade (print quality) of the codes.

3. A buzzer which sounds an alarm when a faulty code is detected. The machine stops if a faulty carton is found.

4. A batch counting sensor which allows the user to stack the cartons in separate batches.

5. A touchscreen industrial panel computer which displays the live images captured by the camera, the good / bad & total counts, saves job details, user details, counts & more.

6. A detailed report generation feature which shows details such as

  • Job details
  • Batch details
  • User details
  • 1D or 2D Code value
  • Good, Bad & Total Counts
  • Time stamps
  • Wastage & more

7. The entire transport system is made of SS & Aluminium.

8. An offline barcode inspection service, where our team of professionals thoroughly examines and identifies the precision, legitimacy, and quality of barcodes.

This process ensures that no carton will be delivered with an unreadable barcode.

Additional Features:

Our vision inspection for printing and packaging systems can also come with a Variable Data Printer (Thermal Inkjet) which will allow the user to print variable data such as unique 1D & 2D Codes on the cartons.

We also provide a variable Code Inspection System along with this transport system. Visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Offline Barcode Verification with Transport?

Offline Barcode Verification with Transport refers to a quality control process where barcodes are verified for accuracy and compliance using dedicated verification systems. This process ensures  barcodes are readable and correctly printed before they are applied to products or packaging.

How does Offline Barcode Verification with Transport work?

In Offline Barcode Verification with Transport, barcodes are printed on labels or packaging materials. These barcodes are then transported to a separate verification station where specialised scanners or cameras read and analyse the barcodes to ensure they meet industry standards for quality and legibility.

What are the benefits of using Offline Barcode Verification with Transport?

With Offline Barcode Verification with Transport, you can experience numerous benefits including  accurate barcodes are applied to products, reducing errors and minimising the risk of incorrect product identification. This improves supply chain efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, and helps maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Which industries can benefit from Offline Barcode Verification with Transport?

Industries such as manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and retail can benefit from Offline Barcode Verification with Transport. In fact, any sector that relies on accurate barcode scanning for tracking, inventory management, and product traceability can use this approach.

Are there any specific hardware or software requirements for implementing Offline Barcode Verification with Transport?

Implementing Offline Barcode Verification with Transport requires barcode verification systems, specialised scanners or cameras, proper lighting conditions, and software for analysing barcode quality. The software should support industry-standard barcode symbologies and provide detailed verification reports for quality control purposes.

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