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Label Numbering Inspection System

At Pixelwise Technology LLP, we specialise in providing cutting-edge Label Numbering Inspection Systems tailored to the unique needs of industry leaders in aerospace, automotive, food, medical, beverage, and consumer products sectors. Our systems are meticulously designed to be an integral part of your success in these industries. We offer comprehensive inspection services for industries that rely on number printing for labels to meet the unique demands of your industry. Our solutions include crucial components such as missing label detection, preserving the accuracy of printed labels, ensuring precise positioning, and facilitating the precise identification of graphical elements on every label.

Our revolutionary label numbering inspection system is designed out of 100% verification technology of graphics and printed texts at a higher speed. Our base technology offers access to the ultimate label rewind capability while surpassing the competition in all performance criteria:

  • Positioning
  • Print and label quality
  • Graphical identification

Some of the major highlights of our groundbreaking label numbering inspection system are:

  • Automatic web reversal on detection of a failed inspection
  • Self-tensioning capability in both reverse and forward
  • Uniform rewinding of label reels
  • Setting the point for removal by respective operators
  • Manual and automatic operation codes
  • OCV or optical character verification
  • Air cores – able to grip paper and plastic
  • Smaller dimensions
  • OCR or Optical Character Recognition – the system is capable of inspecting printed texts with almost any printing technology along with white & black texts on differently-coloured backgrounds.
  • PQI or Print Quality Inspection
  • Recognition of multiple barcodes including 1D barcode, 2D or data matrix barcode, and PDF417 Symbology.

Our innovative label numbering inspection system is designed to rewind and verify any graphics or printed texts on the labels at higher production speeds. Our system offers an easy-to-load mechanism along with a highly reversible label rewinding direction. The system is also capable of inspecting text that is printed with any printing technology.

If you are interested in purchasing a label numbering inspection system for your business, you can directly contact us.  You can reach out to us through our contact form shared below, just click on the get in touch button and share your query.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a label inspection system?

A label inspection system is a technology used to track, verify and inspect labels for printing quality and check data accuracy. It is designed to read barcodes and perform 100% verification of printed text and graphics at high speed. The system inspects labels on plastic packaging such as bottles, jars, cans, and containers for a wide range of inspection criteria, even at high speeds.

What are the benefits of using a barcode label inspection system?

There are several benefits of using a barcode label inspection, one notable one includes the reduced expenses resulting from wasted or excess labels, reprinted labels, and wasted packaging. With the help of an automatic data input feature, it also reduces employee training time and chances of human error. It identifies missing or incorrectly coded bars, tests for data structure issues, and ensures accurate and readable barcodes for product tracking.

What are the key features of a label printing inspection system?

Our feature-rich label inspection machine can help you achieve maximum efficiency and quality in your labeling process. Listed below are the key features of label printing inspection system offered by PCSPL:

  • Detects label-specific defects.
  • Integration with labeling machines.
  • Captures crisp images for detection.
  • Inspects labels for a wide range of criteria.
  • Reads and verifies barcodes and unique identifiers.

What types of labels can be inspected using the label inspection machine?

Our auto label inspection machines are capable of inspecting different types of labels used across a variety of industries. These include tags, brand, descriptive matter, notice labels, rings or collars, variable data labels, barcodes, and unique identifiers. In addition, our label inspection system can also verify any graphics or printed texts on the labels at higher production speeds.

How accurate is the label numbering inspection system?

The accuracy of the label numbering verification inspection system can vary depending on the specific system being used and the quality of the label being inspected. Our system uses advanced technology for comprehensive quality control, including a superior label rewind capability, and outperforms competing systems in all performance criteria, including accuracy.

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