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Labels are a crucial aspect of product identification, packaging, traceability, and presentation. They serve as an ideal method of communicating the intent of the manufacturers to the end customers and others. Labels on packaging effectively promote a product’s brand and provide customers with necessary information about the product. Moreover, labels also help in facilitating the overall traceability of products in the respective supply chain. 

Manufacturers offer labeling to products for identifying and marketing purposes. Automation is not any new concept in the field of a labeling machine. In the packaging industry, these labeling machines are extensively used as a part of the entire packaging process. 

Which is why it is crucial to get a labeling machine from reputable automatic labeling machine manufacturers. Doing so will ensure the longevity and performance of the equipment in a production setting.  

In this guide, we’ll go back to the basics, understanding the automatic labeling machine, its components, and the role they play in its effective working. 

A] What is an Automatic Labeling Machine?

An automatic labeling machine is a type of equipment you tend to leverage while applying different types of labels on the respective products of multiple designs. Automatic lending machines are available in a wide range of types while applying labels to flat, cylindrical, oval, or square containers. 

Commercial labeling machines will help in increasing your overall labeling capacity. It is because they help in employing advanced, automatic features that require no or minimal human involvement. Moreover, these machines are also available in both semi-automatic and automatic models. Fully automatic versions or product labeling machines are more expensive than semi-automatic variants as they feature more advanced specifications. 

B] What are the Different Components of Automatic Labeling Machines and Their Functions?

Some of the leading labeling machine manufacturers bring forth a wide range of advanced automatic labeling machines with different components. Here are some to consider:

  • Hopper: Hopper allows larger amounts of labels to be cut in specific shapes. These shapes can be contained in a label magazine or a label hopper. These labels can be eventually taken out to be linked to containers. The model contains all the essential aspects of labeling machines while determining the direction of the overall development of labeling machines.
  • Control Panel: Advanced labeling machines featuring a dedicated control panel to regulate the entire labeling process. The latest versions of automatic label numbering inspection systems are available with more than a single control. The number of controllers might differ from one model to another. The only strategy is to understand the functions of every control before starting the machine.
  • Web Unwinding Reel: Rewinders and unwinders tend to be critical components to the labeling process. It is because roll-feeding, converting, printing, and labeling usually start as well as end with a dedicated roll. Irrespective of manual or automatic roll changing, printers, and labelers require ample tension control, shaft handling, a reliable operation, and ergonomic roll.
  • Transportation System: In a typical automatic labeling machinery, all the labeling steps are performed effectively by machines while ensuring minimal intervention of the operator. The assembly will usually consider the inline configuration in which transportation is carried with the help of a conveyor system. The label gets attached to every product with the help of labeling machines while being transported to the receiving end.
  • Dancer’s Arm: In an automatic labeling machine featuring a variable speed drive, the overall tension in the system can be maintained with the help of the dancer’s arm. Dancer tension control systems play a vital role in the process of maintaining consistent tension while transporting the web.
  • Peel Plates: The purpose of the reel plate is to separate the label from the machine’s backing paper. It operates in the sense that the web breaks effectively over the plate. It is because the label continues printing on the straight line. The component is compulsory in every labeling machine.
  • Label Sensors: The presence of built-in sensors in the labeling machine will help in accurately placing labels to the respective millimeter. Automatic label sensors are available as safety units that help in minimizing the overall rate of hazards and damages that take place during the labeling process.
  • Drive Rollers: It is regarded as the workhorse of the labeling machine. It is available on every auto labeler. The component functions by pulling the machine’s web backing.
  • Safety System: Safety system of the automatic labeling machine can relay important information to the users through the control panel for taking immediate action. They are also capable of automatically shutting down the machine in emergency cases.
  • Rejection Unit: Sensors on this unit inspect the label orientation before the containers will advance to the upcoming production stage. They also help in rejecting containers that do not meet the labeling specifications.

C] Why is the Automatic Labeling Machine Preferred Over the Manual One?

  • Improved Manufacturing Capabilities: Semi-automatic and automatic stations are pre-built to handle most labeling tasks. The vertical roller labeler is effectively configured for neck, seal, back, and front labels. This offers you the option as well as the accuracy of improving the overall manufacturing capabilities.
  • Reduced Ongoing Expenses: With improved control and flexibility, it helps in minimizing ongoing expenses. The right labeling machine manufacturers can ensure the same.
  • Guaranteed Precision and Uniformity: Changing products and labels no longer implies shutting down the complete production line. Modifying dimensions, label designs, or placement can be executed with ultimate precision with the help of automated labeling systems.
  • Adaptability: With an automatic labeling machine, you have the ultimate product output in your hands. It is because the advanced labeling machines are capable of customizing the labeling system according to your specific requirements.
  • Improved Accuracy: One of the most effective ways of attracting customers is by improving product packaging. Manual labeling turns out to be an inconsistent mechanism. You can improve the overall accuracy by implementing an automatic labeling machine in the process.


Check out this informative video on Pharma Labels backside Numbering Inspection to further understand the importance of automatic labeling machines.

D] Conclusion

It is high time to make sure that your manufacturing processes can handle the increasing demand. A reliable automatic labeling machine can help your business to prosper with high-end results. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for automatic labeling machines or camera inspection systems for printing and packaging, we are alway interested in equipping businesses with quality equipment necessary for optimal functioning.

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