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Industrial computers have the ability to help businesses ensure quality control and offer real-time monitoring of the production process. With this, you can expect to attain complete control over the operational processes. Upon integration of the industrial PCs, you can expect the manufacturers to be able to identify the potential issues early on and make the necessary adjustments to ensure consistent quality.

When choosing an industrial PC with touchscreen, you ought to consider the energy efficiency, operating temperatures, life span, military standards and other such factors to ensure your end applications are being attended to on priority. But are the industrial panel PCs worth it for the operational practices? Well, let’s find that out further in the article.

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A] What Are Panel PCs For Industrial Use?

Almost everyone out here might be aware of what personal computers are. Now, imagine them being used in the industrial setup. Anindustrial panel PC is an all-rounder computer that comes with encompassing computing systems and displays. These displays are touchscreens made with resistive, capacitive and multi-touch technologies. And that’s mostly to allow people to access these PCs using gloves as well.

The panel PCs are made with more ruggedised hardware and software elements, considering they will be used in the production ecosystems. As these systems are meant to operate in various temperatures, they get tested for the IP rating, indicating how effectively the panel PC can block moisture, liquids and dust.

B] Applications Of Panel PCs

The importance of industrial panel PCs can be well explained through their applications in the industrial sector, which are as follows:

Manufacturing Sector

Most industrial or commercial manufacturers rely on industrial computers to provide you with machine vision or robot guidance. Industrial panel PCs in the manufacturing industry will be able to assist you in collecting data from the machinery or equipment for implementing the processes and navigating preventative maintenance.

Quality Control & Packaging Inspection

The industrial panel PCs used as the machine vision or packaging inspection systems can be used for automating the overall quality control process, which will increase productivity and efficiency.

Asset Tracking

Industrial panel PCs in the healthcare industry and the retail sector are used for common operations, such as monitoring or tracking processes, as well as assets for certain inconsistencies or abnormalities.

Remote Management of Data

Remote IoT sensors are used for sending or receiving data related to the use of mobile equipment, tools, hardware and other devices. All the machine operators will be able to deploy sensors meant for collecting actionable data related to the operational processes and all-rounder performance.

Simulation and Control

The industrial panel PCs come with powerful processors that have the potential to create or emulate various simulations of real-world scenarios, giving you an insight into analysing the potential risks, predicting future possibilities and testing the systems in almost any framework.

C] Benefits Of Panel PCs For Industrial Use

If you are planning on integrating panel PCs for industrial use, here are some of the benefits that will help you feel more convinced about how it can streamline your operations:

1. Rugged and Durable

One of the most crucial perks of using industrial panel PCs within the industrial ecosystem is durability. Such PCs are made with rugged materials to ensure the build quality is stronger to withstand harsh environments or usage conditions in production facilities.

2. High Quality Components

Industrial panel PCs are designed mostly with high-quality components, better than conventional corporate PCs. With this, you can ensure that your panel industrial PC won’t be malfunctioning too often and will be extending the overall life of your computer.

3. Better Viewing

When you tend to use an industrial panel PC within the production environment, you will have the liberty to adjust the screen for brightness, to be able to view the information clearly in open sunlight. Thus, it means that all the workers will get the feasibility to access the information easily without more struggle.

4. Touchscreen Functionality

Most of the industrial panel PCs have touchscreen features as standard, ideal for the workers to toggle through various information or interactions. Unlike the conventional PC, there is no need for a mouse or keyboard to operate the panel PCs. Being touchscreen enables the panel PCs to be placed almost anywhere around the facility, without any hassle.

5. Cooling Systems

The best thing about the industrial panel PC is it comes with a cooling function within its system. As the name suggests, the purpose of it is to prevent your computer from heating excessively. It is an important perk for the panel PCs that are meant to be used for longer time throughout the day.

6. Helps You Invest In The Future

Investing in an industrial panel PC is like taking a new step towards adopting modern-day solutions for streamlining your production operations. The panel PC itself is an innovative and forward-thinking technology that has the capability to cope with the rising trends and technologies over time. Thus, opting for an industrial panel PC is like investing in the future!

7. Prevent The Loss Of Information When Accidents Occur

There might be certain situations around the workplace that might result in damage to the equipment, which might lead to the loss of critical information. But, with the use of industrial panel PCs, your system will be backed by fall, duster and water damage protection, ideal for preventing data loss or any other production failure consequences that might be triggered by some form of industrial accident.

D] How To Transition To Panel Pcs

Industrial computer systems or PCs do not demand any modifications when it comes to installing them around the facility. The Installation process is somehow similar to that of the standard corporate PCs, but some models don’t even need any cabinets to accommodate their hardware, making them compact enough to be easily installed.

If you are opting for a compact industrial panel PC, you can consider installing the same in mobile environments as well, such as on a ship or in a car. If you want to know more about how you can transition smoothly to the panel PCs for streamlining your operations,Pixelwise Technology Pvt. Ltd. is here to help provide you with the best options.

Maximize industrial efficiency with Industrial PCs. Inquire now for elevated productivity!

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This is a clear understanding of how panel PCs are considered effective in industrial setups and are better than conventional computers for the respective use cases. For all industries that are keen on adopting panel PCs for streamlining your various operations, make sure you take note of the features, functionalities and hardware proficiency that the system has to offer.

Following that, you must also consider the mounting options, IP rating, size, brightness and other such properties to get the best product above all. This way, you will be able to ensure that your select operations and data monitoring aspects will be attended to without any downtime.

To get further assistance in choosing the best industrial panel PC,contact us, as we are the best industrial computer manufacturer and shall showcase the best option available to us!

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